Setting and Achieving Your Personal Wellbeing Goals by Managing Yourself, Your Time, Your Tasks

This highly interactive, enjoyable workshop will equip all delegates with an understanding of how to manage themselves in order to manage their priorities. Being in control of our time and achieving our goals lessens our stress and creates the necessary balance in all spheres of our lives (personal, career, physical, spiritual and mental). The facilitator will engage with each individual to ensure that the learnings are personalized and can be practically implemented by each person.

The delegates will leave with a renewed focus, with practical tools and tips and a personalised action plan that they can implement immediately across all areas of their lives. All of the information presented in the workshop will be in the comprehensive manual each delegate will receive, including a list of articles and books for further reading.

Who should attend?

  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Project Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants

Training Outline

Session 1

Opening and Welcome

  • Ice – Breaker: Life Lessons
  • All delegates introduce themselves and share their expectations of the session to ensure that the facilitator can address their personal needs.
  • Introduction to the concept of Time Management
    • Time Management – A question as old as time
    • What are the benefits of Time Management?
    • A refresher on the basic principles of Time Management

Session 2

Time Management Control Factors

  • Group Exercise: Identify the Things That Waste Your Time and Are Not Productive.
  • Understand and take back your power over your time
  • What is the difference between Proactive vs Reactive?
  • 10 Ways to change from Reactive to Proactive in difficult situations
  • Mastering the concept of Priorities
  • Role Play: Yes, you can and should delegate
  • Using the Johari Window to differentiate Urgent and Important
  • Your Circle of Concern vs Your Circle of Influence, Begin with the End in Mind, Stop when it is good enough and other pointers from the Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleÓ(Stephen Covey)

Session 3

Technology – friend or enemy?

  • Does Technology actually save us time?
  • Are we spending our time online wisely?
  • Busyness is an Illness and it is contagious! – latest research findings and coping skills.
  • London Business School Video Tutorial
  • Group Exercise – Workshop the 10 ways to prevent pointless meetings

Session 4

Let’s be practical!

  • Understand how time management influence our stress levels
  • Implement a stress management plan for yourself
  • A revolutionary plan to create balance and optimize my life
  • How to implement the 17 essential time management skills
  • Use David Allen’s GTD System to plan and prioritise
  • Top 15 Time Management Apps and Tools
  • Tips for setting and achieving goals – long term, short term and immediate
  • Write down and commit to your goals
  • Develop a Working Plan for Yourself using the Personal Action Plan grid in your manual

Conclusion: Each delegate is given an opportunity to ask any other questions and to give their feedback on the course.


Additional Info

  • Course Duration:1 Day
  • Includes:
    Comprehensive manual
    Framed certificate of attendance
    Notepad & Pen
    Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments
  • In-house Training:
  • Public Courses:Book 4 or more delegates from the same company and receive 10% discount.

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